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Pieces from Gerrard King's 'Skull Series', these pieces are all SOLD


20161105 100152

(Left to right) The work of Eva J Schultz, Giovanni Lovisetto and Janet Knight set amongst the ephemeral bronze statues of Market Gallery Prahran.20161214 160024

Untitled 28# (detail)
Jack Shahine
Enamel and oil paint on canvas

showpiece01 tm_1 tm_3 tm_3
Mauro Palmieri
Glicee limited edition print on .35mm paper, framed
showpiece02 mp_2 mp_3 mp_4 mp_5
Assorted Details
Adrian Grist
Oil on Canvas or Board

showpiece04 tm_1 tm_3 tm_3
"Jacques Bolero"
Janet Knight
Oil on canvas
120 x 150cm

IMG 4471 lzn tm_1 tm_3 tm_3
"The Ace of Ashdown"
Eva J Schultz
Oil on board

IMG 4476 lzn tm_1 tm_3 tm_3
"The Wellsprung"
Eva J Schultz
Oil on board

IMG 4478 lzn tm_1 tm_3 tm_3
"Untitled #59"
Jack Shahine
Oil and Mixed-Media on canvas

IMG 4481 lzn tm_1 tm_3 tm_3
Untitled #2 (detail)
Eva J Schultz
Oil on Canvas
IMG 4484 lzn tm_1 tm_3 tm_3

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