Vedruss Jewellery
205 Commercial Road, South Yarra, Victoria


Vedruss is the creation of jeweller Stevan Gavric.
Embellishing each piece with a level of attention to detail, passion and creative fervour rarely seen outside of the sculpture community, Gavric's work has the uncanny ability to impart the sentiments involved in creating each piece onto the wearer.
Every item of Vedruss jewellery is a completely unique creation. No two can ever be the same. Expertly made using a luxurious and distinctive selection of materials, Vedruss is both elemental and sophisticated; evocative and transcendent.
Each piece is designed to be a captivating sensory experience, from the startling look of the jewellery, to the satisfying tactile feel of the materials and even to the smell of premium leather.
There are often few guarantees of originality that can be made in the creative arts, but as far as Vedruss pieces go, nothing comes close –– a mélange of one man's obsession with unique aesthetic; the finest materials and an innate wearability. Vedruss jewellery collides several worlds into one –– now it's time to let it explode into yours.

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